Foundation Damp Proofing

Excess soil moisture can damage the foundation and make below-grade areas of your home unusable. Our specialists at Butte Insulation install high-quality foundation damp proofing to restrict moisture flow into your home.

Professional Foundation Damp Proofing Services 

Damp proofing can take several forms. The most common is to apply an asphalt coating to foundation walls, similar to pavement sealing. This can be applied to the inside or outside of foundation walls, depending on exposure. It is an affordable solution that is sufficient to keep moisture out of most homes.

We provide superior service on each and every job. As a family-owned business, we know how important customer service and quality work are. When you choose Butte Insulation for your foundation damp proofing, you can rest assured that the finished product will be of the highest craftsmanship.

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Damp Proofing Vs. Waterproofing

Damp proofing acts as a barrier to keep moisture out of the foundation and therefore your home. In doing so, it protects the structural integrity of a building. The International Residential Code (section R406.1) requires damp proofing for residential construction.

Unlike dampproofing, waterproofing is effective against hydrostatic pressure. Therefore, it is a preferable solution for homes built above high water tables or in flood plains. However, foundation damp proofing is sufficient for most residential construction.

Reasons To Choose Foundation Damp Proofing

Homeowners have many reasons to consider foundation damp proofing services. The method you choose will depend on your goals for the project and what you hope to achieve.

Create Usable Space

Basements and crawlspaces can be used for storage or extra living space if they are dry. However, excess moisture will quickly ruin building materials and any stored items. Dampproofing serves to keep soil moisture out of most homes.

Discourage Mold Growth

Excess moisture in a basement or crawlspace encourages mold growth. Removing that moisture starves mold and stops its spread. This can help improve indoor air quality.

Protect the Foundation

Constant exposure to moisture can contribute to foundation damage, which can quickly lead to other problems in a home. For example, it often makes windows and doors difficult to operate and cracks often appear in walls. Damp proofing is an excellent form of foundation protection that eliminates the threat posed by moisture.

Previous Damp Proofing Has Failed

Even the best systems have a limited lifespan. Moisture in below-grade areas that have previously been dry could indicate the need for new damp proofing.

Stop Moisture in Your Basement With Professional Damp Proofing

Don’t let moisture seep into your basement or crawlspace. It can contribute to serious foundation issues, plus it increases the risk of mold growing in your home. Whether you are building a new home or trying to protect an existing one, damp proofing is a solution to ground moisture penetration.

Our specialists at Butte Insulation provide professional foundation damp proofing services to stop moisture infiltration. Contact us online or give us a call at 406-723-7538 to schedule an estimate and protect your foundation from further damage.

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