Expert Insulation Installation in Dillon, MT

Quality craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to quality results are the hallmarks of how we do business. Read below for our commercial and residential expertise as a reliable insulation installation contractor. We know how to improve your home or business’s energy efficiency and overall safety.

Commercial Services

Every business has different thermal performance requirements, depending on the size, age, and construction of the building. When you contract with us, we will come to your location and provide a full assessment of what’s working for you and where the changes need to be made. We can reduce the likelihood of mold buildup, install soundproofing materials, and ensure everything is up to local fire code requirements in Dillon, MT.

Residential Services

With industry-grade insulation from well-vetted manufacturers, we are the home insulation installers you can trust. We know that quality and efficiency matter to you. That’s why we inspect every aspect of your home’s walls and attic, making sure that everything we do is up to code. Specifically, we take a special look at:

  • Making sure that there is no batt compression
  • Ensuring attic insulation is properly installed by adding attic rulers
  • Confirming that overlapping joints are poly taut
  • Keeping the R-value visible
  • Leaving signed and dated attic cards in the attic where they can be easily seen
  • Splitting insulation around all wiring and electrical conduits
  • Sealing outside corners with caulk
  • Strapping and damming all knee walls
  • Preventing disturbance of blown-in attic insulation by blocking off areas above porches
  • Removing all scrap and garbage from the job site

We know you’ll be impressed with our thoroughness and attention to detail.


The primary concern of any insulation installation contractor is to make sure that your home or business is safe. It is common knowledge that most insulation materials carry some health risk. We take extra precautions to minimize your exposure to the insulation. When the job is done right, all the insulation is hidden behind walls and well-sealed. We ensure proper ventilation during the installation process so that unpleasant chemicals and odors do not get trapped inside.

Energy Efficiency

We also guarantee that our insulation will increase your energy efficiency in both the summer and winter months. Proper insulation keeps warm air inside the house during cold months, and cold air inside the house during hot months. It also keeps the outside air from seeping into your bedrooms, offices, and living spaces.

Hire Butte Insulation Installation Contractor in Dillon, MT

We have been in business for 30 years and are proudly family-owned and operated. We know how to improve your home and save you money. Visit our website to learn about the robust selection of services and products we offer including spray foam, blown-in insulation, fiberglass batts, sound batts, foundation damp proofing, fireproofing, and vapor barriers.

We guarantee that after working with us, your interior space will be more comfortable, your electricity bill will decrease, and your HVAC system will run more efficiently. Contact us today for a free quote and no-obligation consultation. You’ll be glad you did.

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